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Author : Shelly Category : Motivational 245

Song of the Phoenix

Time and again, you snuffed out my life,
In my mother's womb, as I cried;
A gentle plea: please, please, please!
Let me live and set me free....
When I wanted books and dolls,
You gave me closeted four walls,

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Author : Abha Goyel Category : Women, Cultural 645


I have been flying high on my passion for sarees ever since India Saree Challenge happened in my life, a little more tha two years ago. And this summer I took my passion to the next level with a month long vacation in Europe, dressed exclusively in Sarees. My people thought I was crazy, or joking, but I did it despite my hectic travel schedule. ....

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Author : Sapna Khandelwal Category : Children, Adult 1234

Smart Phones & Dumb Us

We are getting dumber while our phones are getting smarter. Excessive usage makes one severely addicted. We prefer to constantly stare at some screen or the other rather than make eye contact with others. Our phone with various social media aps takes up most of our time. As it‘s blue light keeps the brain stimulated, sleep is harder to come by and so we don‘t wake up refreshed.

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