80G Number: DEL-DR26445-14092017
Devditi Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust. A women’s organization, it undertakes a wide range of social and cultural activities to promote India’s cultural heritage and be a catalyst for positive social change. Extend a helping hand and Donate Generously.


Devditi Foundation, formed in July 2015, is a Delhi-based women's forum that brings together women from well-to-do families for a combination of fun and social awareness. It initially came into being as an offshoot of the Facebook group #IndiaSareeChallenge, a movement to revive the declining importance of India's sartorial pride, THE SAREE, and to support the traditional craftsmen and weavers of the country.



Devditi Foundation’s vision is to preserve India's glorious heritage by reviving its culture and traditions; promote conservation of the environment and facilitate positive social change by extending a helping hand to the lesser privileged.     


Helping Hands

The Core Team
Annu Jain
Anju Jain
Archna Sachdev
Anjali Gupta
Anju Goel
Abha Goyal
Anju Pankaj Goel
Geeta Gupta
Meena Thirani
Neetu Garg
Parul Jain
Pingla Singhal (Patron)
Renu Jain
Vandana Maheshwari

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