80G Number: DEL-DR26445 - 14092017
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Author : Shelly Category : Motivational 245

Song of the Phoenix

Time and again, you snuffed out my life,
In my mother's womb, as I cried;
A gentle plea: please, please, please!
Let me live and set me free....
When I wanted books and dolls,
You gave me closeted four walls,
To cook, clean, the home and hearth,
Why did you not, once, listen to my heart?
Time and again you set me on fire,
Scorching and searing all my desires,
That fragrance of henna had not yet gone,
You singed my body in a pyre so warm.....
You manacled my gypsy soul,
Kicking, raping, hitting at the core,
You plundered my body, bruised my spirit,
Yet I rose from ashes like the Phoenix.....
Try as you might, I will not be broken,
Stronger than ever, I'll be what I want to be,
I will dance, dance liberated in the wind,
And I myself will set me free....
For I'm the woman, I'm the
fighter, the survivor,
I'm the woman and I'm the

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