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I have been flying high on my passion for sarees ever since India Saree Challenge happened in my life, a little more tha two years ago. And this summer I took my passion to the next level with a month long vacation in Europe, dressed exclusively in Sarees. My people thought I was crazy, or joking, but I did it despite my hectic travel schedule.

I have been asked why I chose to wear sarees in Europe. Answer: to express my pride to India. To carry abroad the stories of rich Indian handlooms and crafts without saying a word!. As a repository of Indian sensibilities and my Individual Identity against the backdrop of western wear- a splash of color against the monochromes of beiges, brown, greys, blues and blacks. In my opinion there is nothing as exotic as a beautiful crafted, colorful and accessorized saree. When my pallu flattered in breeze, I felt I was caring an Indian flag on my shoulder- my head would go a little higher. A little spring added to my guilt.

While dinning in hip restaurant in Paris, a few white women gathered around me asking umpteen questions about my saree, my bindi, my jewelry but the best was when they asked me to demonstrate how to drape a saree right there!. Believe me, the saree opens a lot of doors, commanding respect at even the most high end stores and restaurants. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the saree is the new power suit.

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