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Author : Sapna Khandelwal Category : Children 245


Yes!! It‘s true...

We are getting dumber while our phones are getting smarter. Excessive usage makes one severely addicted. We prefer to constantly stare at some screen or the other rather than make eye contact with others. Our phone with various social media aps takes up most of our time. As it‘s blue light keeps the brain stimulated, sleep is harder to come by and so we don‘t wake up refreshed.

The constant urge to check every update takes its own toll physically and mentally affecting our posture, creating back and shoulder pain, affecting the muscles and nerves of arms & hands, impairing our eye-sight and hearing and exposing us to radiation. Not only do we loose out on our relationships, our attention spans and concentration levels diminish affecting our very productivity which leads to anxiety, depression eventually ruining peace of mind.

To create meaningful and balanced lives one needs to control one-self, before health issues forces us to stop using it altogether...

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